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Interactive web work.


Cards: 2.5 inches*3.5 inches*1/16 inch. (6.35cm*8.89cm*0.16cm)

Laser Engraved Plastic Card, Plastic Soft Disk Container, Paper Divider.

STM_SY19, The Package

Various scales.

Laser-engraved Plastic Card, Metal Rack, Plastic Bag, Authorization Form, Poster,  Bank Account, 748.92 Dollars.

236 inches*24 inches*24 inches. (600cm*60cm*60cm)

Masonite Boards, plywood, oil paint, video projection, self-produced audio track, self-made perfume, LED lights.

 32 inches* 32 inches* 32 inches(81 cm* 81 cm* 81 cm).


Oil paint, acrylic paint, rice paper, yoga ball, Chinese incense, computer graphic and prints.

Digital Video, 720P, 01:40.

Long-exposure photographs, video, performance.

Video: Digital Video, 720 P, 01:08:06.

Object: 55 inches*31 inches*40 inches. (140cm*80cm*40cm)


Two channel video, foam, plaster, baseball bat(found), earphone.

Installation in two rooms, Various found objects, data presentations in different scales.


Live audio feedback devices, TV, live-stream devices, maps, collected objects, etc.

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