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2.5 inches*3.5 inches*1/16 inch. (6.35cm*8.89cm*0.16cm)

Laser Engraved Plastic Card, Plastic Soft Disk Container, Paper Divider.

A project that documents hives that was developed on my body due to social and academic pressures. Throughout the 15 days of documentation and observation, I traced each day's hive formation and then translated them digitally. Each laser-engraved card documents a side (front, back, left, right) of my symptoms. This project aims to find a correlation between the amount of hives generated by my body system and mental pressure that I go through.

ds[6.35, 0.16, 8.89] mks[(191111-191125)] ps[0.] // dl[] ml[]

aud[0.] ima[1.] int[1.]  olf[1.] tac[1.] tas[0.] vid[0.]

[STM] // SY


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