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Laser Engraved Plastic Card, Metal Rack, Plastic Bag, An Authorization Form, A Poster,  A Bank Account, 748.92 Dollars.


An interactive project that distributed 100 plastic "credit cards" in a public show. The information on the card belongs to my actual bank account, which had 748.92 dollars in it. The amount of money is all the salary I earned throughout working in the school. The guests were encouraged to use that card to arrange any type of online transaction of their interest. In this project, I explored the idea of purchasing power, money as a medium, labor and exploitation, economic and online identity, as well as minor subjects such as trust.

ds[8.560, 0.076, 5.398,] mks[(191030-191208)] ps[0.] // dl[] ml[]

aud[0.] ima[1.] int[1.]  olf[0.] tac[1.] tas[0.] vid[0.]

[STM] // SY


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