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Laser Mom (2022)

AR Experience/Game

My role: [ Producer ]

Platform: Oculus Quest 2 Passthrough

Two-week Project (Team of 5)

Team Member:

Angie Mendenhall (2D Art, 3D Art, Set Building) 

Anna Salieva (2D Art, 3D Art) 

Langxuan He  (Programming, Level Design)

Keyin Wu (Programming, Level Design)

Game Overview:

You are a kid who loves candies but your mom prohibits you to eat them.

You have to steal those candies but the mom has laser eyes detections.

Assigned Task (Prompt):

To design an AR experience for any naïve guest, regardless if they have played game in their life or not. 

Challenge: designing something universal that everyone can jump in and start playing.


To design the game for naïve guest means our interaction needs to be very natural and universal for all people.

That is why we eventually pick the form of Hide and Seek as the primary interaction for the guest.

Here is an early-stage demo among the team members and this is how we decided to pursue this direction.

A Physical Table:

Because we are designing an AR game, we want there to be an actual physical table to dodge and feel safe from. So we crafted a large table using card boxes. In game engine, we set up a virtual table and eventually align them together so when the player start playing, the mom and the table feels real in the AR world.

Laser Mom Table.jpg
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