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 Videos for Games 

Liquidators Launch Trailer

Forklift Action Trailer

859 W 37th St. Game Demo 

Primal Organic Onslaught Official Trailer 

 Videos for Arts 

SkullDrop (Mixed Media Performance)

Chen Zhe - A Slow Remembering of A Long Forgetting

WEI_DS3319-1PT (Video Art)

WU_DSF1-2 (Scanned Film)

WEI_DS71816-3 (Video Art)

WU_DS43019-7 (Video Art)


NightHawks, 2018 (Voiced Narrative)

Finding Kurt: A Day In Nirvana, 2018 (Mockumentary)

The Best Listener, 2016 (Film)

Water Cycle, 2016 (Music Video)

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