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General Instruction

Reading the Instruction is crucial.

The viewer is expected to navigate the content with the Instruction.

The system itself is a Boolean system. [1.] indicates yes. [0.] indicates no.


[YAN, WEI, WU, STM] // [DS, SY].

Tier1 categorizes form // maker identity.

系统, relation of system/stream. [STM]

为, relation of doing. [WEI]

物, relation of object. [WU]

言, relation of words. [YAN]


DJ Smoother, maker of works. [DS]

Suo Yuan, maker of works. [SY]

Tier1 Category is contained in the label of the work.




[int, aud, olf, tac, tas, vid, img].

Tier2 categorizes contained elements.

Auditory stimuli. [aud]

Image composition. [ima]

Interactive procedures. [int]

Olfactory stimuli. [olf]

Tactile stimuli. [tac]

Gustatory stimuli. [tas]

Video composition. [vid]

These elements are indicated in a boolean system, where [1.] represents existence, and [0.] represents non-existence. This system is based on the process of making the work as well as the process of cataloging. The viewers have rights to criticize the decisions made by the makers.




 [ds, mks, ps]. // [dl, ml].

Tier3 categorizes Stretch.Space // Location.

Stretch.Space for dimension. [Length/width/height(CM)]. [ds]

Stretch.Space of the making(YearDay-YearDay, if [1.]. [mks]

The stretch space of playing time(hour:minute:second), per loop, if [1.]. [ps]


Displayed location. [dl]

Making location. [ml]







[YAN] // DS

aud[1.] ima[0.] int[0.]  olf[0.] tac[0.] tas[0.] vid[1.]

ds[0.] mks[(180301-180308)] ps[(00:10:36)] // dl[] ml[]


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