Video Game (IOS/Android) by Coconut Island Studio

Level Designer, Level Enhancement ]

Rolling Pictures of Jiangnan Landscape is a highly stylized simulation game about developing ancient Chinese cities.

As a level design intern, I was individually working in Changmen (阊门), an adventure level within the Suzhou chapter.

Adventures, as a feature within this game, works as interactive narratives for main characters' background and their relationships. By playing these levels, the players will experience story-based quests, unlock new regions,

and gain valuable items to use in the main game.


When I started designing this level, I was offered with a very general script created by the writer of the project. Using that as a direction, I crafted the entire level into a story that requires the protagonist to navigate between

Now and the Past (memories) by entering the gate of Changmen (阊门).

Since Changmen (阊门) is a realistic location, I created this map based on the geographic feature of that region.

Rolling Pictures of Jiangnan Landscape (江南百景图:阊门探险)


In this specific story, the protagonist and one of the main character, Zhengming Wen, visited Changmen region after its restoration. This place was once burnt down because of a massive fire. When the characters travel to the Past (memories), they have to help rebuild the region to help Zhengmin Wen get reconnected with his dead wife.

Then because this level requires the player to travel in between Now (restored) and Past (burnt), I created two separate levels, rendered with different sceneries but also express a sense of progression and story

[see below for some comparisons].