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236 inches*24 inches*24 inches. (600cm*60cm*60cm)

Masonite Boards, plywood, oil paint, video projection, self-produced audio track, self-made perfume, LED lights.


The very first interactive art/experience I created. It is a 236 inches long tunnel that engages with one
audience member each run, with each run lasting around 2 minutes. A wooden rail system and a wooden platform (with wheels) was built in for the audience to lay on. The concept of the work explores the emotions of intimacy and loss.




ds[600, 60, 60.] mks[(160626-160723)] ps[(00:02:53)] // dl[] ml[]

aud[1.] int[1.] ima[0.] olf[1.] tac[1.] tas[0.] vid[1.]

[WU] // DS


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